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Compliance for law firms

“When you have these sort of processes in place, which are done through technology, you promote more consistency and a better approach. Because one of the risks is when you only have a policy and procedure, is you leave it to just the individual.”

- A Mirror client, 2021 

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Working with Law Firms

How Mirror keeps your firm safe

Ensuring your firm is adequately and securely verifying clients comes at a cost to you. You lose valuable fee-earning time, a complicated and admin-heavy process adds friction to your client onboarding; and in the face of demanding regulatory standards around KYC and AML requirements, there is a pressure to not only complete your CDD checks, but to evidence them also. 

Mirror helps law firms to exceed their compliance obligations, offering one centralised system to onboard clients in minutes, whilst removing identity fraud and money laundering risk.

“It’s a a big challenge for us, we have to do all this manually which is time consuming"

 No more meetings to conduct client checks, rooting through your inbox, or chasing clients for photocopies. Our software allows you to complete client checks in less than 15 minutes. 

How our technology works 

Mirror provides a user-friendly and incomprobly more secure solution to firms wanting to prioritise compliance. 

If you’d like to know more about how it works, our technology page talks you through the various components.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

We often find that people new to the Mirror software have questions about how to implement it, what is 
needed, and around time frames. 

We have a page dedicated to answering the most common queries we receive. 

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