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Why Use Mirror as your EIDV tool?

An EIDV tool will help a regulated business quickly and easily establish the authenticity of identity documents such as passports, driving licences and identity cards, by using electronic means to verify personal information against thousands of databases. In this short blog, Natasha recaps why Mirror is the best choice of EIDV tool for your team.

In November, we posted a blog on how to pick the best EIDV software for law firms, focusing on the SRA's requirements for law firms when undertaking research into tech to help support their CDD efforts. This post looks at how Mirror can revolutionise your compliance processes, by giving you a simple, all-in-one system for KYC and AML requirements.

How our technology works

Verifying your client’s identity and address at source via Mirror increases the security of your AML checks (such as PEP and sanctions screening). Here's how each of our features work:

  • Biometric eIDV - Our solution combines face and liveness checks with NFC-based biometric chip scans for the highest level of fraud protection. We accept 6,000 types of documents from over 190 countries.

  • Proof of Address - Our application validates the origin and authenticity of digital proof of address documents, such as utility bills and bank statements. The documents are confirmed as genuine and associated with your client.

  • AML PEP, and Sanctions - Clients are passed through our industry-standard screening procedures: AML, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and sanctions checks. These include 500+ watchlists in over 190 countries.

  • Enhanced Audit - We produce extensive client due diligence reports and a full, secured automatic audit trail. Reports are automated and stored free of charge in Mirror, though your firm can download and manage these internally if required.

What benefits Mirror offers

  • One centralised dashboard - All you need to get started with Mirror is a laptop and an internet connection. Your firm dashboard, accessible via a unique URL, means you can request KYC checks from a client in just 3 clicks, check current statuses, send reminders and download reports, from one central website.

  • CDD completed in less than 15 minutes - Our easy-to-use portal means it is quick to process requests, leaving you time to focus on matters, not admin.

  • Unlimited team members - Many firms approach CDD differently, some have centralised team, whilst others find fee-earners running their own KYC. Because of this, our client structure focuses on firms rather than individuals, meaning you can allow Mirror access to as many people as you need to.

  • Affordable and accessible payment plans - We offer three payment tiers dependent on the number of CDD checks your firm requires, and we offer all of our packages on a rolling contact meaning no long-term tie in.

  • Friendly Support - Live chat and onboarding support is free for all our customers. The Mirror team additionally offers dedicated phone support for all Platinum tier customers during working hours.

Mirror is actively working with law firms to change the way they think about Client Due Diligence. To speak to us about how we can work with your firm to improve your KYC and Client onboarding process you can get in touch with us via email.

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