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Our Technology

Our technology

We know that a lot of EIDV tools overpromise capabilities and underdeliver user experience. We have worked hard to ensure our technology exceeds your clients’ expectations when it comes to KYC.


This is how Mirror works when it comes to completing client due diligence checks quickly, securely and easily.


Mirror is able to validate proof of identity by scanning the biometric chip of an individual’s passport, with supporting liveness checks. Essentially, the app asks the end-user to hold their chipped document to their phone, where the app will take the data embedded in the chip and cross reference the information held to thousands of databases. The app then asks the user to take a ‘liveness check’ video - they use the app to record a video of a 180 degree span of their face, to confirm the picture held on file to the person submitting the documentation. 

Proof of Address

For proof of address, the system verifies the digital signature that comes up every time a green padlock is generated, where the browser is using SSL to secure the connection. Mirror captures the document, and verifies both the origin of the document, and the authenticity of the person being onboarded against that document. All this is accomplished without compromising security for either the user or the server itself.

An enhanced, and immediately
available, audit trail 

Mirror maintains a GDPR compliant record of all transactions and can pass randomly  selected transactions from a business’s compliance records directly to an auditor (such as the SRA), enhancing independent audit. Each entry record is cryptographically timestamped, allowing third parties such as auditors or regulators to credibly rely on data provided to them regarding their evidence of your firm following compliance procedures. Along with client due diligence reports available on the dashboard, Mirror ensures firms have continuous and undisrupted access to detailed audit records at all times.

How it helps

Not only is Mirror easy to use, it stops human error and fraud risk by electronically verifying client documentation, uploaded directly from source, completing client onboarding in 15 minutes. It increases your security measures exponentially, saves your firm money and allows fee-earners to focus on matters, not admin. 

What the experts say

Gregory Treverton-Jones QC  _edited.png
Gregory Treverton-Jones, QC
39 Essex Chambers, Co-author of 'The Solicitor's Handbook' (2019)

The risks of fraud are clearly reduced.

...unquestionably superior to the traditional system of verification...Mirror [will] verify the proof of address to a far more reliable standard than is the case at present, where forgery is so easy.

David Green
Director and Compliance Advisor at The Strategic Partner

Mirror provides law firms with a simple-to-use system that is cost-effective. This system provides a secure and robust EID & V solution to accelerate a firm’s KYC process into 2021 and beyond.

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