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More information on AML checks

1. Why does Mirror say an AML check was not run for my client?

You may sometimes see the below result under a client's verification, in the anti-money laundering (AML) checks section:

"We have not been able to run an Anti-Money Laundering check for your client"

This means that Mirror has not been able to run an AML check for your client. This is most often because we haven't been able to procure a name, and/or date of birth from their identity document. 

At Mirror, we believe AML checks (such as PEP, sanctions and adverse media checks) are most useful when they pertain to the correct identity. This is why we do not run AML checks on clients when the identity document submitted is not clear enough to extract a full legal name and date of birth from. Ensuring we run the identity checks on your client before AML checks also means a reduced risk of false positives, though you may still see some occasionally.

2. What should I do next?

If you have tapped 'Review' under the AML checks section, and we've told you a check could not be run for your client:

You will need to acknowledge that you have read and understood this message. You can then take a view as to whether your internal compliance policies allow for you to work with the client based on the due diligence information returned to you, i.e. accept the results as is, or whether you require the results of an AML check to do so, i.e. Request Again. If the results of an AML check are required, you will need to tap ‘Request Again’. Please be mindful this will require the client to repeat their identity check also.

‍If you are happy to work with the client despite the AML check not being able to run: Tap Accept.
‍If you still need an AML check: Tap ‘Request Again’. We’ll ask your client to complete their ID check again, and run an AML check on them. Once they finish, the results will be available to you, clearly labelled with how many attempts were made.

3. If I request a fresh AML check, will my client have to do ID checks again?


When you request an AML check through Mirror, we first take steps to ensure we verify your client's identity. We then use information from this identity verification to run the AML check. 

We do this because it is important the AML check reflects your client, and because this reduces the risk of false positives appearing.

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