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Mirror checks explained

Mirror EIDV checks include any combination of an Identity verification check, a Proof of address check, and/or an AML PEP and sanctions check.

‍1. Biometric Identity Verification Check 

‍Validate your client’s identity using a liveness check and ID document check, all through their smartphone. The Mirror ID verification check is GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, and SOC 2 ready. It is facilitated by Passbase and comprises of three components:

Selfie recording: a smartphone's camera is used to capture an individual's face in real-time. This includes:

  • Liveness Detection

  • ID Face Authentication

  • Measures 3D Depth, skin texture, eye reflections

  • Real-time Computer Vision

Identity Document Check: a smartphone is used to scan an ID document's biometric chip, using NFC technology. This supports:

  • 6,000+ documents across 190 countries

  • Passports, National IDs, Drivers' Licenses (and other documents)

  • ID Authenticity check

Completing authentication: the user is asked to confirm their document details (such as expiry date, issuing authority) are correct. The selfie recording and documentation is then reviewed and submitted.

  • Transparency of transferred data points

  • GDPR compliant process

  • Encrypted data transfer

2. Proof of Address Check

Validate your client's address through commonly accepted proof of address documents, including but not limited to: utility bills, council tax, and bank statements, all through their smartphone. It can be executed one of two ways:

Authenticated upload: The POA proof is downloaded directly from the bank or utility provider's website - authenticating the document at source: 

  • Your client is asked to login to their utility provider or banking provider. They download the bill/statement directly from the website, thereby authenticating that the document came from that provider's website, ensuring that the document has not been doctored. 

  • The client is asked to check that the document is dated within 3 months and lists their address before uploading. 

  • No personal information (login details, account information) is shared with your firm or Mirror. The POA proof is only shared with the express permission of the client. 

Device upload: The end-user uploads their utility bill or bank statement directly from their smartphone:

  • Where an authenticated upload isn't feasible, your client can upload a utility bill or bank statement directly from their phone. This does not verify the POA document at source, therefore we cannot assure that the document has not been doctored between generation and upload. 

  • The client is asked to check that the document is dated within 3 months and lists their address before uploading. 

3. AML PEP and sanctions check

‍Monitor politically exposed persons (PEPs), and track risky behaviour with adverse media and watchlist checks. Stay Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant with KYC, and a comprehensive customer due diligence programme. It is facilitated by Passbase and includes:


  • 10,000+ data sources: International sanctions, financial crimes, and wanted lists in over 10,000 registers, across 190+ countries.

  • Real time monitoring and updates: Registers monitored 24/7 ensuring all updates are accessible to you as soon as they become available.

  • Syndicated customer due diligence: screen new users quickly and accurately, all from one intuitive dashboard.

  • Global Watchlists: United Nations Security Council directives available on the Passbase platform. You’ll also get access to OFAC, DFAT, HM Treasury, OSFI, Fincen, FCA, and more.

  • Law Enforcement: National police agencies & multi-national law enforcement including Europol, Interpol & FBI, syndicated on the Passbasse platform.‍

  • Regulatory Bodies: Comply with the requirements of government bodies such as financial and securities commissions.

  • ‍Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs): Identify politically exposed persons including members of parliament, public company directors & their relations up to 18 months after they’ve held office. Where a Death Date is publicly available, it will be shown in the profile. There is also a custom search option to remove deceased entities from the search results. This can be set upon your request.

  • ‍Intuitive Workflow: Seamlessly integrate the findings with your internal systems to review potential matches and strengthen your identity verification program using: 
    - Structured profiles
    - Syndicated database
    - RCAs enriched insights

  • ‍Adverse Media: Adverse media syndicated on the Passbase platform in real time to identify and monitor potential risks prior to sanctions and regulatory enforcement actions.

  • ‍Credible News Sources: Information is only as good as its source in the age of false news. News sources are vetted for accuracy and veracity prior to inclusion in the anti money laundering compliance report.

  • ‍Enriched Live Profiles: We compile all adverse media you need into comprehensive and structured profiles to help your team succeed.

Definition of Terms

  • ‍Sanctions: Countries, Corporate Entities or Individuals identified and reported by sovereign governments as not being appropriate for any entity regulated within said sovereign government’s jurisdiction, to conduct business with.

  • Politically Exposed Person: Pertains to an individual entrusted with a prominent public function, whether as a head of state, members of Parliament, Senior members of the Military, Judiciary, as well as Directors, Deputy Directors and Board Members of State owned enterprises. ‍

  • Watchlist: Refers to the perpetual monitoring, identification and review of both individuals and entities identifiable 
    information for the purposes of countering the financing of terrorism (CTF) and preventing money laundering globally.

International Lists (Example Sources)

  • ‍Sanctions: European Union Sanction Lists, United Nations Security Council Sanctions Lists‍

  • Watchlists: Europol, EBRD, International Criminal Court, Interpol , World Bank

  • ‍Country Specific Lists & Beyond: In addition to International Sanction & Watchlists, we check 500+ country specific Sanction & Watchlists from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and North America. Moreover, the search also includes scans for PEP and Adverse Media. 

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