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Help centre for regulated businesses

Welcome to the Mirror community, we’re thrilled you’ve chosen to use Mirror for your client due diligence. On this page, you'll find a set of guides for both the admins of your team and all team members, Our FAQs (separated by topic), and the details of our customer success team if you need to get in touch. 

Guides for admins

These walk-through videos can help you with signing up to Mirror, setting up a company account and inviting your team. 

Guides for team members

Once you have set up your company profile, you will start to onboard your team to complete KYC checks. 

The below walk-through videos should help guide them through the most common everyday tasks. If there are any other guides you need, please let us know via email. 

Meet The Team

Our team is delighted to have you on board as a customer and we want to provide you with a seamless experience with Mirror.

Your main point of contact will be Rosie Ayoub. 


Rosie Ayoub

  • LinkedIn

Sales and Account lead


Aimen Rafique-Marsh

  • LinkedIn

Product Manager


Natasha Etcell

  • LinkedIn

Marketing Manager


Lyn Renshaw

  • LinkedIn

Team Coordinator


Alex Aitchison

  • LinkedIn

 Head of Operations 


Laura Bailey

  • LinkedIn


Still have questions? 

If your query hasn't been answered here, please drop an email to our customer success team and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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